Reporting & Remote Management
Abuse Reports and Quick-Actions

Integration in Existing Reporting

ASP-WAF firewalls come with the ability to report to several defined industry standards like CSV & PowerShell, Windows Event Log, ILogger, Event Log, SMTP and SQL server. However, one of the most powerful methods to access the firewall is the API interface itself.

FireWall Management Desktop

The OpenSource project FireWall Management Desktop demonstrates how you can interact with the firewall remotely using the API without compromising on security. You can download the code and alter the sample application so that it fits your needs. If you would just like to try the application, you can download the Binaries or the Installer and connect with this website. You will be able to experience the Firewall first-hand and see the activity it detects, blocks and reports.

Using the desktop application you are able to instruct the firewall to:

  1. Generate Management Reports & Abuse Reports
  2. Quick-Actions on internet service providers, single IP addresses, countries
  3. Detailed view of request origins using maps
  4. Detailed metadata of all requests
  5. Proprietary properties and metadata of all attempted exploits
  6. Export all data and properties to excel
You can do all the above without the need to alter the site or write code by using the API as demonstrated in the application. You can view the One-Pager with several screen shots here